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  • Dessert Time Lip Balm

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    Sweet & Lovely Cupcake Lip Balm DIRECTIONS: Apply the lip balm generously and evenly on lips. 7g
    kr 80,00
  • HoliPop Jelly Tint

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    The moisturizing ingredient and the micro water gel texture provides moisture and nutrition with water gel capsules bursting when applied. The vivid and deep color pigments smear clearly on the lips with great tenacity. The edge tip curved in 15 degrees adheres perfectly, coloring the lips evenly.
    kr 100,00
  • Pro:Beauty Bloody Oil Tint

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    A highly pigmented oil lip tint for everlasting bloody tinted lips
    1. Oil type tint with strong coloring.
    2. More red, more clearer, more intense color with 1 touch.
    3. High moisturizing oil formula (consists of 5 vegetable oil) supplies moist and forms oil coating layer.
    4. Long lasting color and moist thanks to oil coating layer.
    How to Use:
    • Tips for bold, bloody lips like vampire's: Shake well to blend, apply the formula staring from the center of your lips, then move towards the corners
    • Tips for natural sheer lips: Don't shake, use the applicator to apply mainly the oil, then dab on the formula generously over lips
    kr 150,00
  • Pro:Beauty Blossom Tinge Gra Tint

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    Tint for optimal lip gradation:  The dual effect of lip concealer with 3-in-1 function (color correction, primer, lipline contouring) and soft tint expression high gradation effect on the lips Soft texture like flower petals:  The soft applying tint contouring flower complex provides a comforting feel as it wraps the lips. 1.2g (tint) / 0.6g (concealer) How to Use:  
    1. Apply the lip concealer on the entire lips in a tapping motion to correct the lip tone and to define the contour of the lips (*Tip:  Apply in a tapping motion to express silkier gradation.)
    2. Apply tint only on the inside of the lower lip and smack the lips together to express natural gradation.  As a finishing touch, reapply the tint only on the inside of the lower lip in layers.
    kr 175,00
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    Pro:Beauty Enamel Volip Tint

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    Complete voluptuous lips with an ultimate enamel effect Innovative enamel shine:  Exclusive glowing effec formulated with highly reflective oul formula that make luscious lips from every angle, Luscious and voluptuous lips:  Vivid, luscious, and voluptuous lips are achieved with highly pigmented intense colour and melting gel formula. How to Use:  Apply on the center of the lups, and blend.  Reapply for more luscious glow 4.5g
    kr 175,00
  • Pro:Beauty Kissable Lipstick

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    A perfectly adherent and hydrating lipstick drenches your lips as if being kissed size:  2.5g How to Use:   Apply an adequate amount on the lips depending on the look want.
    kr 175,00
  • Utsolgt

    Queen Lip Lacquer

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    Dette er en all-in-one lip lacquer som er en kombinasjon av leppestift, lipgloss og lip tint i ett og samme produkt. Den inneholder naturlig roseolje, som gjør teksturen myk og gir en søt duft. Se bildet nedenfor for fargeoversikt.
    kr 105,00